Methods for running market segmentation smoothly

Modern technologies provide a powerful arsenal of tools for market segmentation. The choice is a matter of convenience and, to some extent, availability of information-processing resources. Let’s consider the easiest way for creating surveys. 

The correct selection of market segment 

Marketers believe that the correct selection of a market segment is half of commercial success and constantly mention a modification of the well-known Pareto principle: a 20 percent segment of a certain market provides, as usual, 80 percent of a company’s revenues and profits.

Marketing theory reflects real causal relationships only when it is based on the classification of situations and conditions of consumption. Such a theory allows you to state with confidence how to correctly position the product, and what its properties and functions will make consumers pay for it at the price assigned by the company.

Stimulate market workflow with the online survey applications

Online survey applications focus on the needs of customers, and this stimulates the development of the product. Such services are already ready to offer solutions both for small teams that are just building a feedback culture in the organization and for organizations with several tens of thousands of employees and requests for customized research.

The following tasks can be solved with the help of online survey applications:

  • identification of potential leaders and managers;
  • rational distribution of functions and responsibilities of employees based on the results of evaluating the work and work behavior of the company’s employees;
  • identification of training needs and evaluation of the effectiveness of existing training programs;
  • identifying and developing the working potential of employees;
  • productivity improvement.

In general, conducting a survey has a positive effect on the productivity of market segmentation. And confirmation of these words is a Gallup study, according to which employees who regularly received feedback worked 12.5% more productively.

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