Sending sympathy flowers – What do you know before you order?

Losing a loved one brings deep sadness and sending sympathy flowers helps comfort. Those grieving often order arrangements last minute without considering key details that florists wish they knew. Funeral flowers remain customary for good reason. They convey loving support exactly when families first gather to mourn the departed. Yet grief continues long after burial or cremation ceremonies end. Consider sending flowers again weeks later when loneliness sets in, on due birthdays or death anniversary dates. These times often feel overlooked but mean so much.

Select flowers fit for sadness

Aim for flower types that express somber sentiments unless you know recipients associate specific alternatives strongly with the deceased. Choosing overtly cheerful blooms like daisies for sympathy arrangements risks appearing insensitive versus comforting. Most florists design grief arrangements around gentle whites, pastels, and subtle greenery, opting to buy flowers in mississauga like roses, carnations, lilies, and baby’s breath. These better match grieving moods. Look for small mementos beyond flowers that florists tuck into arrangements celebrating the deceased’s spirit. For music/dance lovers, a chef’s spoon for culinary icons, and a golf ball for golf fans. Tiny objects holding personal meaning for lost loved ones add thoughtful, healing touches. Recipients cherish these long after flowers fade.

Select appropriate vases or planters

Urn-shaped vases seem fitting for funeral flowers, but trend modern versus traditional nowadays. Alternatively, etched stone or cement planters with messages conveying sympathy make unique, lasting keepsakes families appreciate. Engravable wood, glass, or metal containers also increase sentimentality beyond basic vase orders. Especially when recipients lack grave sites or cremation niches nearby to visit regularly, plantable living gardens in personalized pots deliver lasting comfort.

Order as early as possible

Ideally order 1-2 weeks before needed delivery dates, even longer for major holidays. Sympathy arrangements often require special vases, plants, or personalized add-ons that need shipping or design time. Popular white lilies and carnations also regularly sell out during rush periods. Avoid getting stuck with substitutions or basic containers/flowers by planning. Ensure delivery information includes the recipient’s name and any relevant contact details should arrangements get declined initially for whatever reason. Provide entry access codes for gated neighborhoods, nearby building numbers if homes lack clear street signage and even floor numbers in large facilities where companies might occupy just one level. If more details are provided, the delivery will be smoother, preventing further frustration in trying to locate proper destinations.

Set realistic delivery expectations

Standard sympathy arrangement delivery windows span mid-morning through mid-afternoon. Specific times cannot be guaranteed due to traffic, previous stop durations, etc. If timing matters for memorial services with relatives flying in, give at minimum a 4-6 hour window for your floral delivery. Florists happily hand-deliver different dates/times if ceremonies get rescheduled. Just provide enough flexibility given obstacles florists cannot control. Florists offer all kinds of funeral support products beyond floral wreathes and casket sprays worth considering. Candle holders surround ceremonies with a comforting ambiance and symbolism. Bereavement baskets deliver nourishing bites to grieving families who often forget to provide for themselves amid chaos and tears. Substantial fruit baskets similarly supply comforting antioxidant pick-me-ups when appetites fade from sadness. And when words fail, sympathy blank cards offer avenues for finding them.

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